Personal consultation for the perfect fit

Every tailor aims to create garments that feel like a second skin. We create the perfect fit for every item: shirt, suit, coat, trousers or dress.


Bespoke tailoring to meet the highest demands

The tailoring process begins with measuring up and providing advice on fabric, cut and color. Four weeks later, the client will have his first fitting.
Then, we continue with adjustments and end it with the final touches.
The long tailoring tradition gives the highest attention to details; everything is crafted to perfection.
For a handmade suit, traditional components such as inlays made of horsehair, camel hair or premium linings from Bemberg are necessary.
Bespoke tailoring merges art with craftsmanship, its making everything possible!


Creative collections

What you wear reflects your unique character. From ultra-light fabrics to heavy winter materials, from pattern to color – we will discuss all the details during your consultation.
With our professional advice and inspiration, we will achieve the unique desired garment.
Our collections incorporate the finest fabrics in the world.
Whether you are inspired by the artistic creativity of Italian designs or you tend towards the traditional and classic Anglo-Saxon’s style, we have it all!
Wool, cashmere, silk, mohair, linen, camel hair or the precious vicuña: each fabric has its own special features. You can rest assure that we will guide you through it all.