Bespoke tailor in Zurich: Customization for your tailor-made suits

A precisely cut tailor-made suit offers you maximum wearing comfort. But it can do even more: It will make you appear more fashionable and also more confident. High-quality fabrics, reliable workmanship, the consideration of your personal style and comprehensive advice are our recipe for success. As tailors in Zurich, we have been accompanying our customers in the choice of exquisite wardrobe for 27 years – from the initial consultation to the perfectly fitting end product. Benefit from the highest level of quality and excellent support for versatile tailor-made suits

Bespoke tailor in Zurich: Best Italian craftsmanship

As experienced bespoke tailors in Zurich, we know that elegance and quality distinguish Italian fashion. Benefit from a handmade suit with high Italian quality and let the tailor-made suit become your second skin.

As bespoke tailors in Zurich, we pay attention to the Italian spirit in terms of fashion when making tailor-made suits. This means that our models are created exclusively in our partner manufactory in Naples. Each piece is therefore genuinely handmade, and combines proven tradition and modern cuts. So you can be sure to include real Neapolitan suits in your wardrobe. Another advantage is the variety of fabrics: More than 5,000 fabrics from world-famous and well-known manufacturers accessible to you. Virgin wool, cashmere, linen and silk to the finest Vicunà fabrics – as experienced bespoke tailors in Zurich, we set no limits when it comes to the selection of fabrics.

Finest men’s suits

Your visit to the atelier in Zurich

As experienced bespoke tailors in Zurich, we know that a comprehensive advice on style and image issues is at least as important for a tailor-made suit as the selection of fabrics and precise tailoring. Therefore, we clarify many relevant details with you in the initial consultation and thus gain a clear picture of your needs – and what suits you best.

In order for the made-to-measure shirts and tailor-made suits to become a second skin for you, we take the following details into account:

  • Externalities such as body shape, skin and hair color
  • Personal preferences in terms of colors and cuts
  • The existing wardrobe
  • Desired location for your tailor-made suits

The made-to-measure shirt

The Atelier in Zurich: step by step to your personal unique piece

Would you like a unique customized wardrobe? As tailors for men in Zurich, we do everything we can to fulfill this wish for you.

The advantages of perfectly fitting tailor-made suits are obvious:

  • High comfort
  • Refinement of your appearance
  • Better personal Style

We leave nothing to chance here. In conversation, we listen carefully to you and ask. Because only in this way will we get the much-needed overall impression of you to produce the perfect tailor-made suit for you that even exceeds your own expectations. We perfect the fit of your tailor-made suit and set important details such as pockets, slits or buttonholes and much more. In this way, we create something unique for you – see for yourself.

Bespoke tailor in Zurich: Specific fashion-based on specific requirements

In our atelier, we look after gentlemen who are looking for something special. These are, for example, customers who have already had experience with custom-made clothing, but have not yet been completely satisfied. The young generation has also discovered our atelier for themselves, because they still want to explore their style and find the tailor who advises and accompanies them comprehensively. Whether for business or a high-quality leisure wardrobe – we implement all your requirements and expectations so you can be satisfied. As tailors for men in Zurich, we know that a tailor-made shirt also belongs to a tailor-made suit. That’s why we also make high-quality shirts for you that simply fit perfectly and offer you a high wearing comfort.

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A perfectly fitting suit looks noble and has a positive effect on appearance and self-confidence. As tailors for men in Zurich, we therefore pay attention to the details that have a wonderful effect in their entirety when implementing your unique fashion.
The right accessories for tailor-made suits are important to the entire appearance. In the atelier of Ziad El Achi, you’ll find exclusive selection of cufflinks, ties, shoes, and much more. Would you like to be advised on which accessories suit you perfectly? With pleasure!
We source the fabrics for the tailor-made suits from Italy and England. All fabrics continue to prove how luxurious the garment is, thanks to their high quality – After all, every custom-made suit is ultimately only as good as the fabric it is made of.