The creation of a tailor-made suit



The first step to the perfect tailor-made suit is a personal conversation. We discuss with you the ideas and requirements you have for your suit and which style you prefer. Then, we determine the design and start a journey into the world of fabrics, cuts and measurements to create a unique piece for you.

Fabric selection

One of the great advantages of tailoring is that the customer can choose the fabric himself. We offer fabric collections from the most renowned weaving mills in Italy and England. Whether pure wool, cashmere, silk, linen or vicuna – the selection is almost limitless with over 5000 different fabrics.



Individuality begins with the first measurement that we take on your body. Everyone’s body is different, so it takes at least 25 measurements to make the right cut and then, achieve the desired perfect fit. While taking your measurements, we also determine certain details such as pocket shapes, number of buttons, slits and shoulder shape.

Production - traditional Italian craftsmanship

At our atelier in Naples, tailors implement the customer’s specifications in the most elaborate manual work. The front of the jacket is hand-wrapped with horse and camel hair and not glued. This is the guarantee for maximum comfort and a perfect fit. The uniqueness of every suit that we tailor in Naples lies in the passion for details – from the first hand-drawn chalk line to the handmade buttonhole.

Interim rehearsal


The first fitting takes place after two to three weeks.On one hand, the fit is now perfected; on the other hand, details such as: the lapel width, the height of the buttons or the definitive waist height of the trousers are determined. A perfect and comfortable fit of the suit depends on many criteria. Thanks to a total of three fittings, we are approaching this goal step by step together with the customer.

Perfection - a unique piece has been created

A suit from Atelier Ziad El-Achi takes around 55 hours of work to complete. This effort is worth it, because at the last fitting, the suit feels like a second skin. Be inspired by selected models in the gallery.