Learn from these politicians who didn’t respect the dress code

As a custom tailor, many people think it’s my job to simply create a garment that fits you or looks good on you. But it’s more than that. With a great outfit, you avoid making terrible mistakes that make you look insensitive, uneducated, or even detached from reality.

Now let’s examine the following three stories:


First story:

You’ve probably heard about the Defense Minister’s recent visit to Mali. Ms. Christine Lambrecht wore high heels in Mali, where sturdy shoes are required for security reasons to protect against insects and scorpions. Not only were safety precautions disregarded, but this story shows that politicians have lost all proximity to reality. Thus, it became a problem and Lambrecht angered the German troops with her lack of empathy. A soldier wouldn’t wear fine leather business shoes in a war zone, would he?


Second story:

In 2008, when John McCain traveled to the States to speak about the housing crisis Americans were struggling with, he wore imported expensive designer loafers. People felt he couldn’t honestly relate to them.


Third story:

During one of her trips, Melania Trump wore a pith helmet, which has a racist and violent history because European colonial armies used to wear them in Africa and Asia.


Have you also noticed the frequent mistake between these three stories?

Politicians are detached from reality and are sending a message that reveals their insensitivity and proves they cannot relate to others.

Such flawed styles are also common in the world of business, where they can cause even more damage.


Moral of the story: Your clothes speak, attract attention, and can send signals to others even if you are not aware of them.


In a next step, let’s talk together about your desired appearance to ensure it is flawless at all times.



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